Monday, 28 December 2009

On a side note ~ A side Braid

im gonna call it the Wang side Braid .... ♥ it

Alexander the Great

While reading a friend's blog.... I was remimded of the amazinggness that is Alexander Wang and his SS10 fashion show...
Let me breakdown the amazingness

#All Jersey Everything

Im really loving this Jersey/sweatpant trend...dunno how it's gonna work in spring/summer though... sweat-patches anyone?
Anywho...Rag and Bone are also on the ball...

Back to Alexander the Great...
#All Mesh Everything

Erm the black quilted shorts ....That's all....

Just one more....

Alexander Wang we Salute you.

Friday, 25 December 2009

From Chloe to Jeffrey

Ok so to cut a long story short..... We love Chloe Sevigny ... Chloe is amazing .... Chloe designs Multi Buckle Suede Wedge Booties for Opening ceremony for $625.00 ....we cant afford.. The End.

Along came a man called Jeffrey Campbell ... We love Jeffrey.... Jeffrey is amazing ... he is inspired by Chloe's Multi Buckle Suede Wedge Bootie and so designs Potion Buckle Ankle Boots in Black....Jeffrey's prices are amazing cheap and cheerful $165.00. The boots will get got. That's all.

**UPDATE 19/03/2010** I have them finally yaaaay see here

More amazinggness from Jeffrey Campbell

Friday, 18 December 2009

OMG im having an Art Attack!

A few months ago, I saw Lilly Allen wearing an amazingg Chanel T shirt and thought to my self .....hmmm I can make one of those...and then i'll be great! Mwah ha ha...
Now, the trend has caught on and I have found an amazing cheap and cheerful way to achieve the look.
So F**k U Neil Buchanan - This is an Art Attack!!
Il let you know how it goes. xxxx

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Polka dot tights update...

Yay Primark finally came through...Black polka dot tights = £2
Amazingg, cheap and cheerful
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