Thursday, 1 April 2010

H&M Project Black Book

H&M have collaborated with André Lorenz Stock to create the Black book collection. In January, Andre chose the best prints sent in by H&M customers and customised them to create 16 cool t shirts. They will be in store some time this month and as usual with H&M, the prices are amazing, cheap and cheerful... Check below for my top pics

Redhead by Giulia Voltini
£12.99 <~~~ I ♥

Mustach by Tom Eerebout

Bilo by Jennie Gielen

Stevie Boy by Ali Luqman
£7.99 <~~~ I ♥.

Girl by Frida Grahn

L'Amore by Lina Berggren
£7.99 <~~~ I ♥.

Chic by Kseny Obbi

Blurry by Arijana Vidackovic
12.99 <~~~ I ♥.

Ape by Anne V Beers
£12.99 <~~~ I ♥.

Jimi Boy by Ali Luqman,

Vampires by Erica Fave

Beard by Sophia Tarouhit

For more info on Blackbook and their products click here

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