Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Asos Wins...

Remember the Jeffrey Campbell potion wedge that I ?? Well I still haven't got them yet (booo) as i am still trying to find out a way to ship from America. So as a temporary back up Asos.com is currently winning.

Im lovin these ASOS RANDAL Buckle Wedges, they are on sale for the cheap and cheerful price of £40...and they come in grey!! If you have any sense at all you would buy BOTH colours IMMEDIATELY (like I did) before they sell out. Also as a bonus.... ASOS discount code: ASOSINSTYLE gives you 20%....yes 20% off. So lets do the math...

ASOS RANDAL Buckle Wedge £40.00
20% Discount code: £-8.00
Super saver Delivery (cheap and cheerful): £1.95
Grand Total £33.95

£33.95 Amazingg


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  3. i'm getting these in the post and i can't wait! the grey will go with everything!!
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