Friday, 5 March 2010

Primark SS10 Binge (round 2)...

Yea so I've been shopping again *sigh*....anywho you may remember back in January, I told you about my ♥ for Primark's spring/summer pieces and posted a few pics from their SS10 lookbook.... Well the love affair continues, in particular the playsuit love affair. Although i'm not happy at all about the raise in prices, *slaps wrist* Bad Primark!, they have some really cute things in at the moment... check below for pics... some pieces lacked hanger appeal so I decided it was better to show you it on...



Looks sooo much better on


Again...looks sooo much better on



(yaaay I found leather shorts that I wanted - not high waisted but still)
£5 - sale amazingg


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