Monday, 1 March 2010

It's Barbie bitch...

Erm so its my birthday....yaaaay!
Anyway, as a child I couldn't think of a better present to receive for my birthday than Barbie! .... I absolutely ♥'d her, I still do (I have a collection of two), I had everything the 4x4, the bike, Ken, Stacey, Shelly, Christine.... Sindy got no love!

To get to the point, Mattel have recently launched Barbie Basics, a collection of 12 dolls all celebrating an item that all women should have - the classic LBD (Little Black Dress). Each doll comes with a different style LBD and accessories that can also be purchased to customise looks. The dolls are currently available on ASOS ... meaning that we are all officially allowed to own one...and I can stop feeling like a weirdo. Thank you. Check the pics below....more on

Barbie Little Black Dress One

Barbie Little Black Dress Four

Barbie Little Black Dress Silver Accessories

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